Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hello again.

On this 92-but-feels-like-104-degree morning, while the still-not-walking almost-15-month-old is napping, I'm savoring a long-awaited morning at home and indulging in air-conditioning and an iced French vanilla latte (thanks to Maxwell House)...

...and sorting through my photos, contemplating where to even begin blogging after being MIA for a couple of months. So I decided to start small, lest I get overwhelmed.

I promise you that our upstairs bath is almost finished. It has, in fact, been "almost finished" for several months now, but when summer arrived, we turned our attention to the outdoors and such projects as building a new chicken coop, gardening, cleaning the garage, hanging a baby swing, chopping wood, and the like. But hopefully by the end of the week, Manly will have finished the doors for the vanity and the linen closet, and I will give you a complete virtual tour of the new facilities. :)

In the meantime, I'll let you in on a little secret. Remember this post about my lighting selection dilemma? Well, here's a peek at the sconce I ended up choosing...

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Wisconsin Farmgirls said...

Hello Betsy!
Don't these wonderful summer days fly by!? I have today off. At the top of my list is making iced coffee and a few sewing projects that I have been itching to get to!
Inspired by your lovely home, I switched our dining room for the living room! Hubby approved, so I must be on to something! Its fun to change things up occasionally!
Please let me know if you come up to Eau Claire. It would be delightful to see you!