Wednesday, December 1, 2010

at 7 months you...

* Will not keep your socks on.
* Have a third tooth!
* Like to pet dogs, cats, chickens, and any other animal you've met so far.
* Finally have gotten the hang of solid food and LOVE it!
* Can drink out of a sippy cup.
* Roll around on the floor when you want to reach a toy.
* Are growing up way too fast.


All in a Day said...

"Gotta" love those bare toes. (David will not keep socks on either.)

Anonymous said...

Over half way to one year! Does not seem possbile, which I am sure you know!

All in a Day said...

What size clothes is he wearing now?

Polly Blanshan said...

I love these pictures with that bear. =D Do you think he'll still let you take pictures of him with it when he's 16?

Martha said...

This boy is so cute! Lars has that shirt too. Polly, that will be cute.