Monday, July 5, 2010

happy (extended) independence day.

Sometimes you just get lucky. And your sister comes to visit you, bringing your fun and super-cute nieces and nephew. And you set up the sprinkler for them and you play ball outside and have a hot dog roast over the fire. And your dad brings over the big projector and movie screen, and you all watch "The Tooth Fairy" out in the barn. With popcorn, of course.

And sometimes you get really lucky, because the very same week that all that happened, your old friends who have moved away say that they are coming for a spur-of-the-moment visit. And it just so happens to be a holiday weekend so you can take extra time off work and make homemade cinnamon rolls and relax outside and enjoy your friends' company.

And then when all your company has gone, on the final day of the holiday, you wake up and go to town with your little family and get donuts and coffee, and then you come home and your husband reads while you surf the web. And then he takes off the bathroom door and paints it, and you have one more thing crossed off the looooooong list of home renovations. And you take a walk outside and do the laundry and give the baby a bath.

And as you're preparing for bed, polishing off the butterfinger ice cream that your husband dished up for you, getting things ready to begin work again tomorrow, you think about how very lucky you are. Blessed really. To live in such a great country, to have such special family and friends, to love such an awesome God.


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