Thursday, July 29, 2010

at 3 months you...

* Are extremely social and interactive, smiling and "talking" to us constantly.
* Get called "94" by Daddy (because you're in the 94th percentile for weight), "peanut" and "peanut butter" by Mommy, "Snookers" and "Snuggerbutt" by Grandpa Gary, and "Bepper" by your little cousin Eavan.
* Think that the sound of someone coughing is the funniest thing.
* Like to cuddle.
* Flirt with all the ladies at church.
* Love being on your play mat from your Great Aunt Deanna and Cousin Laura.
* Are teething already (and have been for 3 weeks!).
* Sleep from about 9:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. (since dropping your early-morning feeding about a week ago).
* Like to sit next to the piano and listen while Mommy plays it.
* Have turned your parents into sleepyheads and homebodies (but they love it).


Andrea S. said...

That bear better watch out. I think Shep might just be able to take him...

Anonymous said...

Wow, he just keeps getting more and more adorable, if that's possible! Love that post. Shep would think I am hysterical--I have had a horrible cough for the last four weeks. (it's so embarrasing, I sound like a 60 year old who has been smoking her whole life)

Take care!

Jen said...

Wow, he's almost as long as the bear! What a sweet boy:)

Martha said...

He is so cute! And thank you for that update on him. what fun.

All in a Day said...

It has been three months already? His card is still sitting on my file cabinet! :)