Saturday, April 24, 2010

waiting well.

I have never played this kind of waiting game before. Waiting to meet someone that you've known and loved for 9+ months but have never seen face-to-face. Someone who is about to become, and is already, one of the most important people in your world. I have been extremely blessed with a healthy and fairly comfortable pregnancy (I have friends who have gotten terribly sick or struggled through their pregnancies, so I don't take this blessing for granted), until a few days ago when I woke up with a pulled or separated muscle in my upper abdomen. Not fun. I struggled to find a position, be it sitting, standing, or lying down, that was even remotely comfortable. It seems I use that muscle for everything, including breathing.

And nights have been torture. That seems to be the baby's most active time (yay), and even the slightest movement takes my breath away with pain. And so a couple of nights ago, after moving from our bed to the guestroom to the couch in search of a sleep spot that was manageable, if not comfortable, I ended up on the guest bed so that I wouldn't keep Winn up all night. I was so exhausted that I finally gave in to a fit of tears and self-pity.

And then I remembered a note that I had received earlier that day from a sweet friend in which she had asked me, "Are you waiting well?" Thank you, God, for dear friends who help to hold us up through times like this. I chided myself for losing my composure so easily and instead asked God for strength and patience. And today I can say that I am waiting well. And thanks to my friend, my sore stomach and growing discomfort are now sweet reminders that we are so blessed by this new little life that we will soon get to meet.

In the meantime, while we're waiting to hatch, we got our new little chicks. They're the cutest and softest things you ever did see. We call them the Golden Girls. I can't wait until they start laying yummy brown eggs for us!


breanna said...

aw your golden girls are totally awesome! LOL love the name too!
on a serious note. thank you for posting about this. this pregnancy has been tough on me.... and i need to begin to "wait well"...

Stacey said...

It is sooooo hard to wait; even harder to *wait well*. Shea was a week late. That drove me crazy!!!! I ended up having to be induced. You'll see Baby Cradic in no time....YAY!!!!!

Niecey said...

Ugh, every day lasts forever at the end. I went overdue 3 times, the longest was 12 days over. It is not fun. But it will be over soon. not much longer to go now. And it's all so so so worth it. :)