Sunday, April 25, 2010

at 40 weeks (and 2 days) I am...

* going to refuse to take another photo in the event that we go to 41 or (heaven forbid) 42 weeks
* looking forward to being able to bend over again
* knitting baby hats
* wondering what our home will be like with a third person living here, after nearly 8 years of just Winn and me
* eating a lot of popsicles
* getting a lot of phone calls, text messages, emails, and Facebook notes asking if I'm in labor yet (which I really don't mind--the attention is a fun distraction!)
* trying to keep my legs shaved at all times :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

waiting well.

I have never played this kind of waiting game before. Waiting to meet someone that you've known and loved for 9+ months but have never seen face-to-face. Someone who is about to become, and is already, one of the most important people in your world. I have been extremely blessed with a healthy and fairly comfortable pregnancy (I have friends who have gotten terribly sick or struggled through their pregnancies, so I don't take this blessing for granted), until a few days ago when I woke up with a pulled or separated muscle in my upper abdomen. Not fun. I struggled to find a position, be it sitting, standing, or lying down, that was even remotely comfortable. It seems I use that muscle for everything, including breathing.

And nights have been torture. That seems to be the baby's most active time (yay), and even the slightest movement takes my breath away with pain. And so a couple of nights ago, after moving from our bed to the guestroom to the couch in search of a sleep spot that was manageable, if not comfortable, I ended up on the guest bed so that I wouldn't keep Winn up all night. I was so exhausted that I finally gave in to a fit of tears and self-pity.

And then I remembered a note that I had received earlier that day from a sweet friend in which she had asked me, "Are you waiting well?" Thank you, God, for dear friends who help to hold us up through times like this. I chided myself for losing my composure so easily and instead asked God for strength and patience. And today I can say that I am waiting well. And thanks to my friend, my sore stomach and growing discomfort are now sweet reminders that we are so blessed by this new little life that we will soon get to meet.

In the meantime, while we're waiting to hatch, we got our new little chicks. They're the cutest and softest things you ever did see. We call them the Golden Girls. I can't wait until they start laying yummy brown eggs for us!

Friday, April 23, 2010

survival manual.

This being our first child, Winn and I are both really glad that we took prenatal classes together. I think it helped to prepare us for what to expect during the pregnancy as well as giving us some tools to use for the labor and delivery. But no matter how much planning and preparing you do, there is always some anxiety about the unknown, and Winn is often asking things like "What should I do if..."

So I thought it might take some of the pressure off of him if I made a little booklet (cheat sheet) for him to bring along to the hospital. It has ideas of different things he can suggest to me during different stages of labor, the special instructions for hospital staff that we decided on and included in our birth plan (details like who's allowed in the delivery room), little reminders and love notes, etc. I know, I know, call me anal retentive, overly organized, whatever. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands now that we're in the "waiting stage." (The *official* due date is today!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

boppy slipcover.

I was fortunate enough to have two Boppys given to me, one by my sister Carrie and another by my cousin Gillian. It will be very handy to keep one upstairs in the rocking chair and have one downstairs in the living room. I wanted to make a neutral slipcover for one of them out of this fun orange fabric I found, so I carefully took apart the cover that one of them came with and made a pattern out of it. I love the finished product!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yes, I did a little nursery tweaking already. I wasn't really happy with the look of the ribbon on the lamp shade...

I thought the room needed a bit more color in the corner, so I made this little wallhanging...

I painted an art canvas with some green paint leftover from the dresser, and then I cut a picture out of fabric scraps and decoupaged it onto the canvas...

Plus, I thought an uplight might be better so that you don't have to stare into a light bulb while sitting in the rocking chair. The light was silver, and I painted it a soft blue and rubbed off the edges...

*For those who have asked about the paint color that I used on the dresser, it's called Crushed Oregano, by Valspar.*

Sunday, April 11, 2010

nursery tour.

Well, there's still a little tweaking to do, and I might add a bit more color after Baby is born, but for now, the nursery is done. It's a compilation of old and new pieces, mostly things that were bought used and repurposed.

The crib we bought used on Craigslist.

I purchased the dresser at a thrift store and gave it a fresh coat of paint, and Winn made new drawers for it (re-using the old drawer fronts) so that they open and close easily.

There was a mirror that came with the dresser, which we also painted and hung above the crib. And I love the old school chair that I found in the barn and painted orange.

As you saw before here, I bought a used ottoman and recovered it. The bookshelf next to the rocking chair is made from some old crates that I've had since my college days. The old blue window above the changing station is one that used to be hanging in our bedroom.

Most of the wall decor (like these shelves) was put together using things we already had.

Winn made the bowed curtain rods out of PVC pipe. I made the mobile out of felt and wire (instructions can be found here).

The rug was purchased from Target.

The two splurges were the new rocking chair and the linen fabric to make the window valances and crib bedding.

The drawers and closet shelves are all stocked with soft little baby things just waiting to be used.

We've received enough blankets to survive several Minnesota winters. I love the variety of handmade quilts, crocheted blankets, soft fleece cuddlies, flannel receiving blankets, and swaddling wraps.

Don't you love the orange hobo diaper bag?

And my favorite part of the room has got to be these little organza star lights that I hung above the changing station for late-night diaper changes.

They're especially pretty at night.

Now all that we need is a little baby! We're due a week from Friday, so it should start to feel "real" soon...right??

Friday, April 9, 2010

at 38 weeks...

* We're getting so excited to meet this little one and are really curious to find out whether it's a he or a she!
* I've washed and folded or hung all the baby's blankets/sheets/clothes and have them ready to use.
* I'm working on getting the diaper bag and my hospital bag packed and ready to go.
* We have finally finished the nursery (full tour coming this weekend)!
* Our doctor says that the baby is head-down and ready to make an appearance anytime now.
* I'm enjoying getting in some "girl time" with friends while I still can.
* I am eating way too much chocolate.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

playground hoodie.

I love Spud & Chloe patterns, especially this Playground Hoodie. I recently finished knitting two of them for our little one. The denim/lime green is a 12-month, and the paprika/cream (my favorite) is a 6-month. Wouldn't you agree these are must-haves for Minnesota babes?

Friday, April 2, 2010

shower gifts.

I think my favorite was this library of books...

Or maybe it was this adorable handmade carrier in vintage-style fabric...

Or wait, maybe it was this set of linen swaddle blankets...

Or this sleek stroller...

Or this Dr. Seuss set...

Or all these soft and fuzzy cloth diapers. Or the hand-sewn quilts or the crocheted blanket. Or the tiny onesies and sleepers and stockings and hats. Or...oh dear, I just can't decide! All I know is that we have the most generous and creative and dear friends a couple could ask for.