Thursday, February 25, 2010

hospital bag.

I made this rice pack to take to the hospital with me when I go into labor (and it doubles as an awesome feet-warmer while I'm sitting at my desk). Vanessa has some super-easy instructions on how to make your own here. On the advice of our prenatal class instructor, I'm trying to start thinking about what I might like to put in my take-to-the-hospital bag. Here's my list so far:

Rice heat pack
Snacks for Winn
Warm socks
Diaper bag
Car seat
Going-home outfit for Baby

My friend Cindy gave me all kinds of great tips while she was cutting my hair yesterday (thanks again, Cindy!), and it got me thinking that I should call on all you experienced mommies to help me out here. So here you go: any secret tips or items that would come in handy for me to bring to the hospital on D-day?


Andrea S. said...

Buy yourself some new comfy PJs so you can feel a little more "normal" for the few days you're in the hospital.

A soft nursing bra.

Slippers or some kind of shoes you can slip on quickly for walking around the hospital.

A notebook and pen (or your laptop) -- so you can write down your labor story for the blog & baby book...;)

4-5 pairs of grandma panties.

breanna said...

a cocoon. :) for quick and easy swaddling.

snacks for you too :D protein bars would be an easy way to get lots of protein to regain strength and for good yummy milk when it comes in! :)

clothe pads for you - so you don't have to be exposed to the toxins in the disposable ones if you tear. ;)

Gracie and the Fam said...

Don't forget the most important thing -- the camera!!! You want to make sure you capture all those precious first moments.


Jessica said...

Baby fingernail clippers or be prepared to bite them. Their nails are already long and sharp. The hospital will not cut them or provide you with clippers.

Also, order AS MUCH FOOD AS YOU WANT... insurance covers your meal but not Winn's. (The food is actually pretty good.) You pay the same regardless of how much you order.

Jessica said...

Ooo AND I don't know if you're going with a doc or a midwife, but ask if you can eat the whole time during labor- it really helps. The idea of forbidding food is medieval. They supplied with me buttered toast, chicken noodle soup, and popsicles.

Jessica said...

Man, I keep thinking of things... A nightlight for the hospital room after birth. It's really dark in there with all of them off and too bring if you crack the bathroom door.

Beth said...

CAMERA!!!! For heaven's sake, DON'T forget that!!!! Video camera also if you have one. When I had Parker, I had my best friend come and video tape the birth. I hadn't done that with Jen and wish I would have simply because so much goes on so quickly and it's very overwhelming. This way I got to look back and see it. (Of course, I share the actual labor part of it with NO ONE!!!) Then Wade set up the camera on a tripod later for when visitors came--it's nice to look back and see things I would have otherwise forgotten about. Plus there's my favorite footage with Wade, Jen, me and the new baby just talking about how cute he was and deciding on what to name him. We did that for GG too. If you do take the vcam don't forget extra tapes, charger. Cell phone chargers, extra camera batteries.

A few other things that I didn't know before I had kids (or somehow missed in a class): you have to have the baby's doctor picked out before it's born. Think about circumcscision (sp?) in case you have a boy. We just went ahead and did it because Wade had been, but since then I have known several people who did a lot of research on it and decided not to have it done. (Sorry you probably didn't need to know that about my hubby! LOL!)

I would say to make sure you have food, diapers, wipes and stuff at home, but I'm guessing your super-amazing hubby can do just about anything for you whereas my sweet hubby, well, you send him to the store and you just never know what he'll come back with!

My prayers will be with you for a smooth delivery and healthy baby. Can't wait to see what you have and what name you pick. Babies are so wonderful but grow way too quickly, so take as much time as you can to snuggle and stare as much as you can while they are fresh!

Carrie said...


teamcadwell said...

Chapstick! :)

Laci said...

Your list looks good :) I would add some tennis balls, they work nicely as massage rollers. And I don't know if your dog is an inside dog, but if so, take an extra receiving blanket and wrap the baby in it for awhile so it smells like the baby. Then have someone take it to the dog to get used to the smell before the baby comes home.
Oh, and make some meals for the freezer, too! I made lasagnas and a bunch of cooked was so handy that I decided to keep doing it :)

In The Potter's Hands said...

I want to stress chapstick again!! Also comfy clothes for you to go home in. I had myself completely fooled that I would fit back into my pre-prego clothes right after I had Kelsey! Boy was I in for a disappointment. So I had to wear home what I wore to the hospital and they were too big. So not your nine-month size and not your 1-4 month size. Anywhere in between should be good, (depending on when you started showing). Good Luck and have fun!! :D

Hollysnails said...

you look great! its fun to read your blog, you'll be ready for it all to be over soon. your place looks very nice too : )

Stacey said...

You got some fabulous suggestions, Betsy!! Have something to occupy yourself, like cards or knitting. Beth had it right on, enjoy every minute with the baby. You will be amazed at how much time will fly by when you're just staring at the baby....hours upon hours. It's the best thing in the world.
You look super cute pregnant.
I loved every single minute of being pregnant. The stage you're at now was my very favorite.
The suggestion about having extra meals in the freezer is a good one. You will gets tons of food at first, but you'll need something when that's all gone.
Bring your baby book so that you can get started on that.

You have got to be so anxious and excited. I'm so excited for you!!!! There's nothing that even comes close to the feeling of having a baby. Simply the best miracle that God gives us.

Jen said...

One thing we forgot that I was sad about was music to play in the maybe an ipod or CD

Andrea said...

Be sure to bring your pump! And, if you bring a laptop, you might want to bring a couple DVDs to watch. You could be "waiting" for a long time for Baby to arrive, and you may need some mindless distraction during the waiting.

Cherry said...

Two things very important for me during labor - my MP3 player with uplifting music and a fan (just a hand-held one). I gave Allen a real workout fanning my face during the hard contractions! Two things very important to my husband - pepperment Mentos and Coke. They helped him a lot whenever he would start feeling queezy.
Also, I don't know what the hospital provides for you, but I always needed to bring a rinsing bottle for afterwards.
I am very excited for you and will be praying for your strength and health.