Monday, February 8, 2010

Cradic Farm B&B.

How to turn your home into a bed & breakfast get-away for your friends...

1. Set out lots of extra pillows and quilts and rugs in the guest room.

2. Have some wine and cheese and chocolate-covered strawberries ready for your guests when they arrive.

3. Light candles all around.

4. Set up a home theater for a midnight showing of a favorite movie (be sure to have popcorn on hand).

5. Fix lattes, crepes, and quiche for brunch the next morning and enjoy good conversation (forgot to take photos of this step).

Let's do it again soon, friends!


The Rhoderick Family said...

I want to be next! :) Can I reserve a room?

Allison said...

you guys are the best!

Ang said...

when do we check in?
Looks so nice. love angie

Christy said...

I could spend hours looking at websites for bed and breakfasts. Yours looks superb. This was a fun post. Thanks!

Esther said...

I enjoyed staying in that room when I was there. I need to visit again. I loved this post.