Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello New Year.

May you bring:
More frequent posting; a finished mudroom/office/nursery/attic/upstairs bathroom/chicken coop/wrap-around porch; disciplined meditation time; a healthy baby; enough coins in the piggy bank for a Canon digital SLR; better communication (including listening) skills; fewer insecurities; deeper friendships; and easier laughter.

I hope you all had a warm and fuzzy gift-giving, holly-hanging, family-seeing, junk food-eating, photo-taking, past-reflecting, Christchild-honoring Christmas season! After celebrating in Minnesota, Colorado, and Minnesota again, we are finally wrapping up the festivities for another year and slowly welcoming routine again, picking up the remains of several parties, stripping beds, doing laundry, restocking the cupboards, getting back to work, sorting through emails, and trying to cut back on our sweets and caffeine consumption after a three-week sugar high.

(Paxton reading the Christmas story with Grandpa)

And now that the handmade gifts have been given, I can finally share with you some of my fun December projects! I'll be back tomorrow with the first one...


The Rhoderick Family said...

I can't wait! Happy New Year. I hope that all your wishes come true.

miranda said...

yay! Betsy's back :). I can't wait to see the home-made gifts :). Do you have pictures of everyone's gifts. I would love to see them. I think it is a great idea. Maybe we can do it someday in my family.