Saturday, January 16, 2010

Handmade Christmas No. 4: Sweet Stockings

These baby booties were knit for Little Miss Fancy Pants Marryn. I found the pattern online at Knitting Daily. I knit them on Size 1 double-pointed needles, using Panda yarn by Crystal Palace (primarily bamboo fibers but also cotton and a bit of elastic/nylon to give them a little stretch). It proved to be a harder pattern than one would expect out of a little pair of stockings, but after ripping them out and starting over again (and again...), the finished product was irresistible. Wouldn't you agree?


Terry Morris said...

Very very cute!! love angie

Abbi said...

Very sweet! I really want to try knitting socks this year. I found a neat pattern book at the library but decided I had better finish a few other projects first.