Friday, January 22, 2010

Gratitude List: Nos. 104-117

104. Maternity sales (can you say 7 items at Gap Maternity for just $27?!)

105. Homemade lefse from a friend

106. Safe travels to and from Colorado, despite the Christmas snowstorm

107. Public libraries

108. Spending unexpected time with my grandparents over Christmas

109. A fun gift basket from family under the tree just for Baby

110. A strong husband to shovel the snowdrifts in our loooong driveway when the snow blower breaks down

111. The anticipation of having our washer and dryer moved upstairs soon to the new mudroom (no more trips to the dark, icky basement to wash clothes!)

112. New on-the-job experiences/challenges

113. Knowing that our baby has now developed enough to survive outside the womb

114. Chicken pesto pizza

115. Humidifiers

116. Walking into our closet to find my niece and nephew trying on my high heels

117. Thrift stores


Jen said...

Mmmmmmm, chicken pesto pizza:)

joolee said...

I'm loving your you're crafty....and quite the decorator. Inspiring! Mind if I copy your ongoing gratitude list?