Friday, December 4, 2009

at 20 weeks I am...

...feeling very frequent belly flutters, appreciating the bottle of Tums on my bedside stand, signing up for prenatal classes, lovin' onion bagels with butter and cream cheese or a big bowl of raisin bran cereal with a banana sliced into it, keeping my eyes peeled for deals on the maternity clothes racks, sticking to our resolution of not finding out Baby's gender at the ultrasound yesterday (as much as I kinda wanted to peek!), putting together (with Winn's help) the rocking chair we ordered for the nursery, feeling really good!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gratitude List: Nos. 84-103

84} Meeting up with my sisters and mom and niece at a hotel in Des Moines for a girls’ outing.
85} Parents who have been married for over 30 years.
86} Combines out in the fields around our house late into the night (It makes me feel safe and cozy to know that our neighbor farmers are watching over things while I’m asleep).
87} Feeling the baby move for the first time (and several times since!).
88} A large extended family who keeps in touch with one another.
89} Buying a crib on Craigslist for $20 and meeting the nice family who sold it to us.
90} The dusting of snow on the ground when I awoke early this morning.
91} A kind police officer who didn’t ticket me when he pulled me over for having expired tags this week (Apparently expired since July?? Where have I been?!).
92} A healthy and active baby upon ultrasound yesterday.
93} Working on homemade Christmas gifts in the evenings with Winn.
94} Seeing and visiting with so many people I adore at church on Sunday mornings.
95} Planning the schedule for my side of the family’s New Years’ Eve get-together, to include a breakfast crepe buffet, a homemade Christmas gift exchange, games, iceskating on the farm, white chocolate mochas, and an awesome family.
96} My mom’s new job (which will allow her to have the holidays off!).
97} A conversation with a fun gal at the coffee shop this morning.
98} An attached garage and a car that starts easily on cold mornings.
99} Sajak, our big clumsy lab who is getting old and lazy and just makes us smile. (We took him to doggy day care while we were out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, and they said that he was so well-behaved that we could bring him back anytime. We’re so proud. :))
100} Southern gentlemen (attorneys in town from Memphis for a deposition the other day) who say “yes, ma’am” and who stand up for you when you enter a room.
101} A friend like Rebecca who is willing to help me register for the baby, her two young children in tow.
102} Homemade jerky from my brother's deer.
103} Our first Christmas card of the season in the mail today!