Saturday, October 31, 2009

this was us today.

No special plans. My favorite kind of Saturday.

Sleeping in and then chatting and giggling in bed for another hour ~ Meandering down to the kitchen for some coffee and puffed oven pancakes ~ Driving to town to drop off our recyclables and go to the bank ~ Admiring the colorful leaves along the country roads on our way home ~ Going for an invigorating walk through the trees on our property and finding a fort the neighbor boys had begun and pondering the reason for some trees that have been stripped of their bark ~ Coming back inside a warm house and making chili taco salad for lunch ~ Curling up on the couch together to watch Wall-E ~ Spending the rest of the afternoon on small home projects and our laptops.


Carrie said...

What? You didn't dress Sajak up and take him trick-or-treating?!

Abbi said...

Sounds like fun! I didn't have anything planned until the guy I was getting 1/2 a beef from called last night an wondered if I could pick it up today so I ended up taking a bit of a drive and coming back with lots of beef and I went to the farm and got a bunch of milk too.