Tuesday, October 6, 2009

gratitude list (this is fun!)

43. Pumpkins from our pumpkin patch

44. Crunchy granola for breakfast

45. My grandpa coming to visit and buying pizza for all of us

46. A weekly Skype call with my aunts and cousins

47. Herbal pregnancy tea

48. Colorful scarves

49. An inspiring drama at church on Sunday

50. A rainy Monday (and Tuesday) at home after a hectic workweek

51. BBQ ribs in the crock pot

52. Less nausea lately

53. A weekend dinner with friends at Tucci Benucch in Minneapolis

54. A trip to IKEA for new wine goblets and to scope out a dresser for the nursery

55. Sunday dinner in Mom's kitchen three weeks in a row

56. Smiling at a sweet voicemail from my little sister

57. Brainstorming about ideas for our family's homemade Christmas gift challenge this year

58. A generous family

59. Mousetraps

60. Lots of books on my nightstand about pregnancy/babies/etc.

61. Candy corn, with peanuts

62. Listening to the accent of our North Dakota guests

63. Walking in the rain to get the mail


jessicalolene said...

leaving an amen to all but # 57.

Jen* said...

I was just looking at candy corn last weekend and saying "they're too sweet but I love them" and Nette said I should cut them with peanuts...great minds think alike! I am grateful for eyes to see spiders so I can dispose of them before they crawl on me while I'm sleeping. ;-)

Jen said...

Gotta love candy corn and peanuts! Glad to hear you're feeling better too:)