Saturday, October 31, 2009

this was us today.

No special plans. My favorite kind of Saturday.

Sleeping in and then chatting and giggling in bed for another hour ~ Meandering down to the kitchen for some coffee and puffed oven pancakes ~ Driving to town to drop off our recyclables and go to the bank ~ Admiring the colorful leaves along the country roads on our way home ~ Going for an invigorating walk through the trees on our property and finding a fort the neighbor boys had begun and pondering the reason for some trees that have been stripped of their bark ~ Coming back inside a warm house and making chili taco salad for lunch ~ Curling up on the couch together to watch Wall-E ~ Spending the rest of the afternoon on small home projects and our laptops.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

no. 64 on my gratitude list deserves a post all his own...

64. A husband who works hard all day and then comes home and helps with dishes and laundry, without me asking him to; who makes me a homemade dinner of sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken, with Parmesan broccoli on the side, because I saw the recipe in a magazine and it looked so good; who works tirelessly on our home renovations on the weekends, not to mention his other responsibilities at church; who suggests that we should carve some pumpkins, just the two of us, and he makes a clever design out of the wart pumpkin while I carve a bat into mine (reminiscent of our encounter with them earlier this year); who takes time for his friends as well, taking a day off work here and there to help them with their home projects or go golfing with them; who is so quick to forgive; who every so often will ask me, "What do you think of the name _____ or _____ if it's a boy?"; who I would marry all over again if given the chance.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a head start on christmas.

(Louet roving, imported from New Zealand sheep)

Is it weird that I’m having an apple w/ peanut butter, tater tots, and chocolate milk for supper? Winn is eating the leftover pizza that we had for dinner last night (courtesy of our out-of-town guests), and that didn’t sound good to me. I figure this way I’m getting my fruit, protein, carbs, and dairy. And chocolate (in the milk), which is a food group, right? At least when you’re a female. Or pregnant. Or, in my case, both.

I am thinking about Christmas gifts today. Because the challenge for our family’s gift exchange is to make a homemade gift for our recipient. My sister Carrie and I were the ones to devise this fun plan and impose it on everyone else, much to my sister Jessica’s chagrin (she doesn’t think she’s creative enough, but we disagree). Thankfully I drew a girl’s name, so I’m trying to decide on baked goods, sewn goods, knitted goods, or some other crafty endeavor. I also need to get on the ball and make a couple of baby gifts.

So I was all over town this afternoon searching (oops, I just dipped an apple slice into the ketchup pile instead of the peanut butter pile…not so yum) for supplies for these various projects, as well as a stop at my office to pick up the smallest check I have received in my career thus far (gotta love freelancing) and a stop at the library for a book of knitting patterns and a new novel to read (since I finished all the maternity books on my nightstand). I was unsuccessful at finding any roving, so I will have to buy that online. I have never used roving for a project before, but apparently it’s wool that hasn’t yet been felted or spun into yarn.

While I was at Kristen’s Knits, I found the perfect bamboo cotton in tomato red to make little baby socks out of, and I couldn’t help myself. Our baby absolutely must have a pair of stockings made out of it. I have never tried knitting socks before, but I found a free pattern for them online. I’m going to give it a whirl this evening...I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

gratitude list (this is fun!)

43. Pumpkins from our pumpkin patch

44. Crunchy granola for breakfast

45. My grandpa coming to visit and buying pizza for all of us

46. A weekly Skype call with my aunts and cousins

47. Herbal pregnancy tea

48. Colorful scarves

49. An inspiring drama at church on Sunday

50. A rainy Monday (and Tuesday) at home after a hectic workweek

51. BBQ ribs in the crock pot

52. Less nausea lately

53. A weekend dinner with friends at Tucci Benucch in Minneapolis

54. A trip to IKEA for new wine goblets and to scope out a dresser for the nursery

55. Sunday dinner in Mom's kitchen three weeks in a row

56. Smiling at a sweet voicemail from my little sister

57. Brainstorming about ideas for our family's homemade Christmas gift challenge this year

58. A generous family

59. Mousetraps

60. Lots of books on my nightstand about pregnancy/babies/etc.

61. Candy corn, with peanuts

62. Listening to the accent of our North Dakota guests

63. Walking in the rain to get the mail