Monday, September 28, 2009

gratitude list (continued).

21. My niece's tutu pajamas

22. Being taken out to dinner by my friend Rebecca

23. Working up a sweat in the hot kitchen while canning 20 pints of salsa and tomatoes

24. Playing "Red Light, Green Light" with Cate and Joel

25. Visiting my friend Valerie in the hospital and seeing how good she looks with her new liver

26. Going to see the afternoon matinee Julie & Julia with my mom and sister

27. Grape juice

28. French fries

29. Being able to take afternoon naps when I have no energy

30. Lint rollers

31. Having a bouquet of flowers from some friends delivered to our door this morning

32. Running through a corn maze with my niece and nephew, giggling and trying to lose the rest of the group

33. Caramel apples and baby bunnies at the apple orchard

34. A pot of Kalanchoe on my table

35. New trim around the front door

36. Crying with my client and her daughters as she got to "hear" today with her new cochlear implant

37. Pretty autumn magazine covers

38. Rain and thunder

39. Paisley fabric

40. Having a nice lady hold the elevator door for me today when I was in a hurry

41. Looking forward to a visit from another sister this weekend

42. Baking apple pies with my mom and Aunt Nancy for Sunday dinner

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Jen* said...


I really love these gratitude lists! I like the range from big to small things and the range from events to items. It is awesome to see how good God is!