Thursday, September 3, 2009

to share or not to share.

We turned this old farmhouse into a three-bedroom, with the fourth becoming a new walk-in closet and master bathroom. We didn't think we'd miss the fourth one much because we thought if we have kids, we'd like them to share rooms anyway. And there's a large attic where we plan to have an extra hide-a-bed for guests when it's finished.

For most of my elementary school days I shared a room with my sister Carrie. She is almost two years younger than me. I was bossy, and Carrie was sweet and would do almost anything I'd ask her to. We each had a twin-sized bed in our room, and we would rearrange it often, to keep it interesting. Sometimes we'd have the beds directly across from each other, with a night table in between, and sometimes they would be on adjoining walls so that we could whisper at night when we were supposed to be sleeping.

The color in our bedspreads was called dusty rose, and we each had a porcelain doll on a stand on our dresser. And we had lots of barbies, which we kept in separate boxes because Carrie liked to throw hers all together and I liked to sort mine, with their clothes and accessories carefully stored in their own places. And we loved to set up a mansion for them in our bedroom, with the little barbie doll furniture and clothes that Grandma June made for our birthdays each year.

My older sister Jessica had a room right across the hall, with a daybed and a blue comforter. From time to time I would get bored with my sleeping arrangements and decide to move onto the trundle bed in Jessica's room. As a middle child, I always felt kind of jipped because Carrie had a room and Jess had a room, and I would float back and forth between them. But I guess I maybe liked it that way. However, Jessica wasn't at all acquiescent when it came to my bossiness, so we usually didn't last too long as roommates. Besides, Carrie and I liked to keep things fairly tidy, while Jess wasn't as concerned about dirty socks on the floor and apple cores on the dresser.

When I was about 11 and Jess 13, Mom decided to move the washer and dryer upstairs. I was in Jessica's room at the time, with Carrie just across the hall, and the two babies in their room across from Mom and Dad. Anyway, with our room becoming the new laundry room, Jess and I thought it would be a great adventure to move downstairs, because you see we were all grown-up and mature by this time. Dad cleaned out the old room downstairs and painted the floor and set up the bunk beds he had built, and we carried all our belongings down and hung curtains and laid a rug.

And there was a big work cabinet on the wall in the room, and we thought wouldn't it be so hip if we put our stereo up in that cabinet with one door swinging open with the speakers inside, and then we'd play Bryan Adams really loud while we put away all our things in our new room. And when our girlfriends or the Bacon boys would come over, we decided we were just about the coolest thing since sliced bread, with that new downstairs room to hang out in.

So I guess personal space is real nice, but sharing was probably the best, when you can whisper in the dark with the lights out and learn to share your things and make sacrifices and have a sister to set up Barbie Doll mansions with or sing along to the Best of Bryan Adams.

The way we were.


The Rhoderick Family said...

My older boys are currently sharing a room and they love it at the moment, but we got through the same thing with our oldest wanting his own space at times and our middle son wanting to share with anyone who will have him. I think they like sharing best too though!

Bob said...

I resent being called a baby when I was six years old. That must have been when Carrie and I shared a room for a while. That was great until we had the whole cars-in-bed incident.

Esther said...

Christy and I went back and forth with sharing a room to having our own space. Yeah, there were nice things about having my own room, but I did love sharing, too. I think it made us closer and understand each other better. Sharing a room also made it easier to argue over who's turn it was to get up first to take their shower. I always wanted just a few more minutes of sleep!!

jessicalolene said...

how on earth do you remember all that? especially from brainerd. i did get to have my own room most of the time and i liked it that way. although looking back, i should have been a little more interested in others around, maybe i would have enjoyed things a bit more. sharing is definitely the way to long as you have a bit of your own space, too.

Kalai said...

Loved sharing with my sister...more than I realized. Because it's the times we shared that I remember the most. Those nights giggling hysterically while Dad wondered in the other room...what in the world was going on with his girls...and girls in general!

Cherry said...

We just got bunk beds and are in the process of moving our oldest two girls together. Thanks for the reminder that sharing a small room can bring about some good memories.