Monday, July 27, 2009

summer days.

We are home and refreshed from a weekend on Lac Court Oreilles. Even though it was cool and rainy part of the time, it was relaxing, and we played cards and went on walks to pass the time. And anyhow, a campfire with Smores is just right when it's cool and wet. It warmed up and the sun came out on the last day, just perfect for sitting on the dock in our swimsuits with the kiddos while the guys went water-skiing. Then we went tubing behind the boat. Winn got a stiff neck from taking a spill, but the boys were nice not to flip me.

This was our second year to join Chris and Rebecca for their little family vacation at a friend's cabin. I noticed again how comfortable we are with them, and what good friends they have become to us. We can talk about serious things around the fire pit, or about silly things in the kitchen. We can have a crabby morning and still like each other when it's over. We love it when their two-year-old Ashton comes to give us a goodnight kiss, even when it's accompanied by snot from his cute little runny nose. And baby Marryn can wrap her sweet self around your finger, even when she leaks through her diaper onto your pants and spits up on your clean shirt. Yes, it was a perfect time, and I will post photos tomorrow.

My siblings took good care of Sajak and The Ladies and our house and garden while we were gone, and there were fresh flowers and clean sheets waiting for us when we got home (Peggy, you are golden). It took me two and a half hours this afternoon to mow the yard. And then I went to the Clinic for my third of four rabies vaccinations. I pinned a sparkly silver butterfly to my tanktop for the occasion, to dress up my ripped jeans and flip flops. For some reason this injection hurt more than the others, and I can hardly lift my left arm.

My body has been begging for more iron, so we grilled sirloins this evening. Grapes were 99 cents a pound at the supermarket, so I rinsed some of those to go along, and made some more salad, although it still didn't put a dent in the two ice cream buckets full of lettuce in the fridge.

After supper we went outside to enjoy the evening, Winn working in the barn while I pulled weeds in front of the house and plucked Honeycrisp apples from the branches that were weighing too heavily on the two young trees. I threw one of the apples to Sajak and he made a game of it, carrying it around all evening and trying to get us to take it away from him but not letting us. Then I took one of my summer library books out to the swing under the tree, listening to the hum of the weed-whacker in the background as Winn did the trimming where I mowed earlier in the day. I noticed that it must be time to do laundry because he was wearing black socks with his shorts and tennis shoes. Every so often a bicyclist would pedal by, as they often do on our county road because it is nicely paved with slight hills and curves. When there are eight or ten of them, speeding by in unison in their helmets and spandex, you can hear the swoosh of their tires on the pavement.

I came inside after eight, when the evening breeze made goosebumps on my sunburned skin. Now I'm tempted to slice the watermelon that's on the counter, but I will save it for company tomorrow evening.


Terry Morris said...

Rabies shots:( ouch. Sounds like you had a blast at the lake. I am glad that you have friends like that makes the world a happier place. love angie

teamcadwell said...

We LOVE grilling out in the summer! We have started grilling fish quite a bit and really like it! Oh, and I do hope you got a picture of Winn in his black socks with shorts!!