Friday, July 31, 2009

goodbye July...

I can't believe the month is almost over, but it was fun while it lasted...

* We enjoyed a visit from my old friend/college roommate and her two fun kids, Kylee Paige (shown above, with the flowers she picked for us) and Zane.

* I got some subtle warm highlights in my hair, and my split ends trimmed. I'm still determined to grow it out! (And I have usually caved by this point, so maybe I will actually make it this time...)

* We have kept our vow to give the renovation projects a rest for a couple months, after the frenzy this spring, and I've been reintroducing myself to crossword puzzles and library books while sitting out in the sun.

* Although it's been a little slow lately, I am loving my job (I got to meet a world-reknowned surgeon, a sweet 81-year-old deaf lady, a forensic examiner, and a nutcase all in one week!)

* We're receiving a series of rabies vaccinations, just to be safe. (Still haven't caught our bat, but we haven't seen him in a couple weeks so we're thinking he's a goner by now!)

* We've been playing board games instead of watching TV, and one in particular left Esther and Winn and me laughing until we were crying.

* We spent a couple long weekends away (in Illinois and Wisconsin) with people we love.


Jen* said...

I love your July list! I think a tv break is so good, but I also love the summer shows Psych, Monk and Leverage....balance/balance! I hope your August is bat-free and full of fun and frolic.

Esther said...

Thanks for letting us visit! We had such a great time and wish it could have lasted longer. Maybe we'll get to live closer someday.

Niecey said...

July came and went way too fast. Oh well. Summer is my favorite and I hate to see it near it's end.

Sounds like you've had a good one.