Friday, July 17, 2009

bats in the belfry.

Yesterday our friends Sheila and Rodrigo joined us for dinner. We had salmon on the grill and fresh potatoes and lettuce and green beans from the garden. We really enjoyed their company and chatted the evening away, and it was probably about 11:00 before we said goodbye. Much to our relief, our new little winged friend didn't make an appearance all evening...

His name is Bart. He's a bat. I'm afraid we must have sealed in a nest of bats in the attic when they put the new siding and gutters on. I think we've caught most of them by now, but there's still a stubborn one who has been making an appearance the past couple of nights. When I was in college, I used to be the brave one, swinging a tennis racquet around to protect my roommates from those evil flying mice in the dorm. Not so much anymore. Now I depend on Winn to come to my rescue. Sweet, huh? Except that my dodges and shrieks garner more laughter from him than protection.

I don't usually remember my dreams, but I remember very vividly that this morning I was dreaming that Winn had caught the last bat, and I was so happy. And then I felt (not saw, but felt) something fly just inches above my head (shudder). I sat up and saw that the clock said 6:15 and then had to duck to miss...none other than Mr. Slimeball Bat taking a dive-bomb for my head. (I have no idea what he was doing up at that hour--I thought they were supposed to be night creatures!) I screamed "There's a bat in our room!" and Winn went in search of him, broom in hand.

No luck this time, but he did spend the day researching bats (incidentally, you could take a bat 500 miles away and drop him off, and somehow he would find his way home--pretty fascinating if you think about it--but amused I am not--they still must die) and discovered that a five-gallon bucket of water would make a good trap. So tonight we set out four of them around the house. He is supposed to land in the bucket for a drink and be unable to fly out. I'll keep you posted.

But for now I'm headed to bed because Bart will probably be waking up soon and will be in search of some breakfast, and I don't intend to be sitting at my computer waiting for him.


Abbi said...

Have fun with your bat! I remember having to catch bats at the dorm as well. Thankfully we don't seem to have any here. :-)

brentandsarah said...

we had a bit of a bat problem before our house remodel(now we just have one that must be trapped) and we found where they were getting in, put a bucket of water out like you are doing and we were able to catch about 17. It definately works and I'm hoping for the same results for yoU!! Bats are creepy!

Emily said...

good thing winn is handy with the broom!
I remember Dad catching bats alot that way....but it wasn't because they were was because they have to drop first before they can take off.....hence the trap....the water just drowneds them. :)