Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bath time.

Now that we're country folk, Sajak doesn't get a bath very often. But we just couldn't stand his stinky self any longer (nor subject our company to him), so today was D-day. He's not a big fan of the hose, preferring the luxurious tub in the city. (Tough luck, Fido.) I'm sure he'll make a mad dash for the pond before the day is over, but for now he smells purdy.

Before Sajak's bath, Winn and I spent the better part of the afternoon weeding our, I mean, garden. It had gotten quite out of control. Thankfully, our plants are persistent and don't seem any worse for wear. You know what they say about corn ("knee-high by the 4th of July")...well, ours has passed my shoulders in height now. And our potatoes are the perfect size for digging up, rinsing off, shaking some salt on top, and popping in the mouth. Mmmm. We've also been enjoying picking our salad just before we eat it and adding almonds and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and sometimes rice. This week we ate it alongside spaghetti with our dinner guests from North Dakota (please say a prayer for Gerald as his cancer has spread and they will be making more trips back here to Mayo).

And since I've been so terrible at posting lately, I'll play catch-up by trying to recap a few of the happenings over the past few weeks ...

** Had our friends Ben and Andrea (and kiddos Ayla and Paxton) here for a visit from Alabama. We hadn't seen them in two years and really miss having them here in Rochester. Their three-year-old Ayla calls us "The Farmers."

** Got together with an old group of friends while B&A were in town. Originally there were six couples, but one moved away and the other wasn't able to come that night. We all started a young couples' marriage group when we first moved to Rochester six or seven years ago. It had been ages since we'd all gotten together, so it was fun to hang out again and visit and see how much their kids had grown.

** Hosted our first movie night in the barn. Big screen, surround sound, excellent acoustics, popcorn and root beer. You should join us next time!

** Had the youth group over for a scavenger hunt and "fair" food (caramel apples, corn dogs, popcorn...).

** Baked homemade chicken pot pie with Jimmy and Peggy and enjoyed it for dinner, along with fruit pizza and a board game (boys against girls...sadly, the boys won).

** Travelled to Polo, IL, to hang out with nearly 100 of my favorite people at a campground last weekend. (A family reunion of sorts--three families who started getting together four generations ago and remain close to this day.)

Grandpa and Grandma

Sister Carrie and Niece Eavan

** Celebrated my sister's 18th birthday with dinner at the A&W Drive-In and croquet on the lawn.


Jessica said...

I miss you guys... :(

Jen* said...

I love the catch up post and all the photos! A movie in the barn sounds especially fun and festive!