Thursday, June 18, 2009

first harvest of the year.

Now, I'm no green thumb, but I have to say that my garden is looking mighty impressive for the likes of Minnesota this time of year. I guess all the loads of goat droppings and straw that we hauled from the barn and tilled into it really paid off. I picked the first salad greens this evening and can't wait to set them between some oat nut bread with a slice of tomato and a slab of turkey for lunch tomorrow. And we've got to finish the bag of potatoes in the pantry because the Pontiac Reds are going to be blooming in another week or two. The sweet corn is getting a slow start, but what it's lacking in zeal the pumpkins and cucumbers are more than making up for.

Right next to Veggie Square on Orchard Lane, the Honeycrisp apple trees that we planted last year already have dozens of buds on them. I had to give them a snip-snipping so the branches wouldn't get weary from the weight at their young age. Sajak must be doing his job because there doesn't seem to be any sign of ruminant invasion so far.

For the record, I have been thoroughly enjoying this time of not doing much of anything, the calm after the storm. But I think I will get bored if I don't get out of the sun and set down my crossword puzzle book by the end of the week. I did get a bit of work done today, as well as make a savory hotdish for our overnight guests. That's right, folks...a hotdish. Winn expressed his pride at dinner tonight that I'm a true Minnesotan because I can throw together a little of this from the cupboard and a bit of that from the freezer, and voila, a hotdish. Never thought I'd see the day.


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Ang said...

So fun. WTG Sajak. give him a pat from me. Your place looks so cool.