Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Wally gets the axe.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our big walnut tree in the front yard. Sad. But it was rotting, and in the way of the new garage. Winn will have it milled later. After a couple hours of trying to cut it down, ruining two chainsaw blades in the process, the guys tied a chain to it and pulled it over, discovering a huge rock in the middle of the trunk.

Winn took the afternoon off to enjoy the 85 degrees and tackle some jobs with the Bobcat that our friend brought over. I cleaned out the porch, read a good book in the hammock chair, kept the lemonade pitcher full, and made extra food, just in case friends dropped by. And drop by they did. Tom came to help cut down the tree. My dad came to help haul brush and logs. Kasey and Marsha came to inspect our pond, and their little toddler Fisher visited with the chickens and tested out the soft new soil in the freshly tilled garden spot. I don't make casseroles that often (or hotdish, as they say here in MN), but I made one for dinner, throwing in a pound of this from the freezer and a can of that from the cupboard and a dash of this from the spice rack.

Sajak had a ball outside, making running leaps into the pond, then charging at us with his soggy, filthy self, stopping just inches from our outstretched hands and horrified faces to give his coat a good shake (and I'm just sure I saw a grin on his face afterward).

The clouds rolled in at the end of the day, and we crawled into bed, sleepy from all the fresh air, our arms and noses sun-kissed. Our new double-hung windows can open from the bottom up or the top down, so we left it cracked a bit to let the fresh air and rain sing us to sleep.

(Future home of all sorts of
delectable veggies and other eats)


Peggy said...

wow, sounds like you got a lot done. wish i could have been there!

Jen* said...

I love the way you write...your voice is so soothing and transports me to where you are. I can love the image of Sajak smiling and thank you for teaching me a new MN word!

miranda said...

It amazes me what you guys can get done in one day. I feel accomplished when the dishes and laundry are done. lol. I've heard of a hotdish before but for some reason I thought it was different from a casserole. What a fun day and to end with a rainy night. I bet that was very relaxing.

The Family said...

Oh, how I mourn for Wally. lol I am a certified tree nut and I hate to see the beautiful old trees cut down but ther is a time when they must go. I love to read about all of your progress.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. How fun! I've always wanted the space for a garden. That tilled soil will soon produce lots of nummy eats. De-li-cious!