Saturday, April 4, 2009

garden dreams.

Someday we won't have dust everywhere. At least not the really fine Sheetrock kind that gets in between your sheets and leaves a film on your cupboards and coats all your plants with it. But until then, I must remember that dust equals progress. Winn almost has the skim-coating finished in the master bedroom, and then we can paint and move back out of the guest room. I have missed my bed.

In other news, the envelope that we've been waiting for finally came in the mail, the big manila one from Gurney's! Tomorrow we'll start the tomato seeds so that they're ready to go in the ground by mid-May. The other little seedlings consist of Straight Eight cucumbers, Big Max pumpkins, Hybrid Gotta-Have-It sweet corn, Early Contender bush beans, Sugar snap peas, Green Ice leaf lettuce, Tendersweet carrots, Red Hamburger onions, Hybrid Gurney Girl tomatoes, Jelly Bean tomatoes, Sweet Bell Mix peppers and, just for fun, Skyscraper sunflowers. We're still waiting for the Ozark Beauty strawberries and the Red Pontiac potatoes. I am praying for warmer weather and green thumbs to kick off my very first year of gardening!

I drove to the Cities twice this week. The first time was with Rebecca to the Mall of America. We got free facials and tried on hair extensions and walked at least a hundred miles trying to find the car at the end of the day. My only purchase was from a little place I like to call The Banana (as in Republic). They make me drool. I scored a chic pair of $90 pleated jeans for...are you ready...$25. We stopped for lunch at Tucci Benucch, which I'm sure you can guess is Italian before I even tell you that we shared a Tuscan salad and penne porcini (and later went back for some tiramisu). I first fell in love with them a decade ago, but this was the first time I tried their fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade, in a talllll glass with crushed ice and a straw. Wow.

{gettin' pampered}

The second trip was yesterday, with three girlfriends and two babies. We attended the Arts and Crafts Show at Canterbury Park. I bought a candle holder and a couple fabric sunflowers on stems made of sticks, to place in a terra cotta pot on my new front porch--which doesn't yet exist. :) We had caramel apples on our way home, and they were well worth the sticky mess.

{cute-as-a-button Cindy}

I have so much more to tell about. The wedding bouquets I made, the things we've been painting, the garage/addition plans. But some other time, for I have a few thank you notes left to send, two homework assignments to turn in, four more rows of knitting on a baby blanket, and some sleep to catch. Tootles.


The Rhoderick Family said...

You have been a very busy girl! I hope that the gardening goes well. That will be so exciting! Great buy on the jeans! I love Banana Republic too and should go check it out, maybe they would have some in my size!!!

Jessica said...

Is that a baby on/in Rebecca!? (please don't post think if it is not!)

The Banana- got some pants 5 years ago that are still looking new! Good purchase!

me said...

Yep, that's a baby! :) She's due the end of May.