Thursday, March 19, 2009

out of the mouth of babes

Kendra (to Hannah when Sherill was very sick): Very soon Grandma is going to get to go and be with Jesus. Hannah: I’m so excited for Grandma!

Stone: Dad said that Grandma is in heaven. Grandpa: That’s right, Stone, Grandma is in heaven. She’s with Jesus now. Stone: Then why is everybody so sad?

Stone (when we got to the funeral and saw Sherill in the casket [we had already seen her in the casket at the family viewing and then again at the visitation]): Mom, why does Grandma keep following us around?

Kendra (to Hannah after Sherill died): Grandma died, but she’s in heaven now and has a new body and isn’t sick anymore and she gets to be in heaven. Hannah: Grandma is so lucky!

{Stone & Hannah w/ Grandma on Grandparents' Day at school}

{And Paxton with Grandma}


Janelle Marie said...

Faith like a child. I got chills all over and was choked up as I read those words. Wow!

Esther said...

How precious.

martha said...

those are some very smart kids! Love it!