Monday, February 16, 2009

this is me today.

...sporting newly painted toenails
...relieved to have finally made a decision about tile for our kitchen backsplash
...listening to this guy's music
...putting off gathering some last-minute paperwork for our accountant
...enjoying heart-shaped cookies from our little valentine Ashton
...trying to find a vintage replacement cover for an old heat register in our living room
...deciding whether to order a range hood from this company
...thinking about slicing up another fresh pineapple for lunch
...getting ready for my in-laws to arrive tomorrow
...excited for the draftsman to come this week to do the preliminary drawings for our new garage
...getting ready to work on a medical transcript


jen* said...

You know I adore lists and this one is no exception! I love hearing the small details of life and your nails look awesome!
I remain,
* treating myself to a chocolate cupcake
* drawing on tiles
* hoping you have a fabulous, calming time with your in-laws

Ang said...

the picture of your feet reminded me of the discussions about who has the prettiest feet. was that you and Anna?

me said...

Heehee, yep. Looking at my feet now, I would say that Anna wins... :)

Britt said...

I have painted toes too .. only mine come from painting furniture. Apparently I'm messy.

I think yours are much cuter =-)