Sunday, February 1, 2009

recent highlights

* watching my little sister give birth to my niece

* seeing Cate and Joel bond with their new baby sister

* visiting with my sisters while coloring in coloring books

* coming home after four days away

* looking out the window at my husband working hard on the barn roof

* worshiping in church today alongside my friends

* hitting an inventory reduction sale at World Market

* giggling in the kitchen with Winn while making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

* finishing a paper for school

* roaming the aisles of a vintage consignment shop

* going for a walk with my niece and nephew in the 45-degree weather

* taking a little vacation from work

* having my great grandma's hutch passed down to me from my aunt

* leaving the trunk open while I run inside and stepping back outside to see that Sajak has climbed in, wanting to go for a ride

* listening to Condoleezza Rice tell about the great parents she has and all the opportunities they gave her while growing up and being grateful that there are people like her in this world

* being inspired by a friend to begin making valentines

* searching for the perfect fabric for master bedroom curtains

* registering for a closed captioning bootcamp in May

* looking forward to holding my new niece again in two weeks


Esther said...

Eavan is precious. I'm glad you got to go when she was born.

The Rhoderick Family said...

This might be a really silly question, but how do you pronounce her name? She is so sweet!!!

me said...

You pronounce is just like the word "even." (Not a silly question at all...I would have asked the same thing!)

Kelly said...

I'm so jealous of your WM spree! What did you get? I've been blamed by more than one person that I put WM and Ann Taylor loft out of business when I moved - ha. Better watch out, TJMaxx and Target might go next!