Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day.

felted valentine

Ordinary Saturday here so far. I'm working on a rush transcript request, in my sweats, enjoying the sun streaming in the window, looking out toward the barn every so often to make sure that Winn is still perched on the roof and hasn't fallen to his death. Sometimes I hear a bang when the steel hits the trusses, and my heart drops into my toes, imagining the worst, until I hear movement again and know that he is okay. I'll be so glad when that job is finished.

When the sun goes down, we'll drive to the Hubbell House and have a quiet dinner. Then, for our V-day gift to one another, we bought a massage table. It's perfect, with a face hole and armrests, the whole works. I'm so excited to try it out tonight. I've set up some candles and oils and music...more than you wanted to know, right?

Happy Valentine's Day!


jen* said...

The valentine is so cute! I love that it isn't pink or sparkly. I am always delighted to see your blog at the top of my blog list and the promise of a fresh post.

Happy valentine's day, friend!

Venessa said...

Can I be next?? I love massages!!! ( : Esp. on a good table!!! Hope you have a wonderful night! Happy Valentines Day to you too!

me said...

Thank you, friends.

Tell you what, Venessa, if you come and visit, I will give you a massage. :)

jessicalolene said...

Way more than I needed to know. But, good to know you have one now.

Ang said...

How cool and romantic. That will be nice for those days when nothing seems to go right. Or on the days that it goes right. lol Enjoy love you