Friday, February 6, 2009

good ol' waseca.

I had a choice on Wednesday of taking a job in Owatonna or one in Waseca. Had I known what the case in Waseca was going to be like, I might have chosen Owatonna. But I didn't. I set off down Highway 14, leaving early and taking my time, drinking my coffee and enjoying all the farms along the road and taking photos of the icehouses on Clear Lake. And the sun was shining. Good morning, Waseca!

When I arrived at my destination, one of the parties had the room all "set up" (to their advantage), purposefully positioning the space heater right behind the chair where the other party (who hadn't yet arrived) would sit and snickering at his ingenuity in doing so, pointing out to his colleague how he planned to make this guy sweat. The proceedings that followed were frustrating, and I had to bite my tongue at the supposedly "impartial" meeting that this employer conducted. When it was the employee's turn to ask some questions, the designated witness was the second most disrespectful person I have encountered in my job thus far (the first being an incredibly cocky doctor a couple of years ago), periodically ignoring questions posed to him while he checked his Blackberry messages, smacked his gum, and chewed on Milkduds while he talked. It was extremely gross and disconcerting. I left Waseca steamed and baffled at some people's lack of self-awareness. The day couldn't have ended soon enough. Goodbye and good riddance.

On a more positive note, the above-freezing temperatures the last couple days have been a treat. I didn't even need a scarf and mittens today when we went downtown to meet with our accountant. After a little grocery shopping and a quick stop at the knitting shop, I'm home and eating my lunch/supper, getting a little distracted by Sajak, who is at my feet, staring intently at the spinach and tomato pizza in my hand, drooling at the possibility of me getting sloppy and dropping a piece on the floor. Sorry, buddy, I've had to clean up after your finicky stomach one too many times, just Purina Dog Chow for you tonight!

Well, I'm off to get started on my weekend... Tonight: scrub the kitchen and bathroom and freshen up the bedrooms, find a good quiche recipe to make for brunch tomorrow morning when our friends come over, and finish some laundry. Tomorrow: bake muffins and mix some fruit salad, begin a knitting project while visiting with my friends as our hubbies work on the barn roof outside, and then spend a couple of hours at worship practice. Sunday: church, nap, and homework. We'll see how much of it actually goes as planned.


Kelly said...

Hey Betsy - I didn't know you were a knitter. I'm not, but I saw this wrap in a store recently and my mom decided to knit one for me. I thought you might like it... It's a wrap/scarf with 3 button holes so you can wear it in different ways. Scroll down and see the photos of the red one here:'s-3-Button-Wrap%2FScarf%2FShawl---Black-Tweed_W0QQitemZ330300593793QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090114?IMSfp=TL090114127001r5164
Here are the instructions my mom found on line if you want to try it out:
Thought I'd pass it along!

me said...

Hey Kel -
I don't know that I would be classified as a bona fide knitter. My experience consists of two scarves thus far (made back in my college days while attending Winn's hockey games), but I thought I would try my hand at a hat. Thanks for the wrap pattern--it looks very cozy (not to mention versatile!). Maybe someday I'll be good enough to make something like that. :) Thanks for thinking of me! I hope New York is being good to you.