Monday, January 5, 2009

the view from my couch

This morning I am catching up on work (okay, and some non-work too) from our cozy couch, enjoying the sun streaming in the window on this nippy winter day, listening to nothing but the heater humming, and eating clementines (I can't get enough citrus lately) and drinking coffee. The calm and quiet feels good after two weeks of packing and unpacking and traveling and eating and visiting and eating and playing games and eating. We spent Christmas week with 18 members of Winn's family and New Years week with 18 members of my family.

Under this soft quilt from my friend Julie, I am contemplating 2008, and what I would do differently if I could, what I would do more of and less of, the areas in which I have matured and the areas in which I've grown stagnant. And I am thinking about 2009 and what I think the year will look like, and wondering what is in store, what I would like to accomplish, and how I would like to make life more about people and less about stuff, more about relationships and less about acquisition.

One of my endeavors is to be more nurturing (to cherish; to care for and encourage the growth or development of). To my husband, my friends, my siblings, my parents, and even my clients. And (since I tend to be a fairly unsympathetic person) I'm going to make a list of how to be more intentional about it.

A second goal is to be more active. Not in the sense of being busier, but in the sense of living more. Doing everything with a little more charisma, a little more purpose. Learning about things I'm interested in and trying things out. Taking more walks and cooking new dishes and visiting more friends and listening more and seeing more. I'm excited about 2009!


Andrea S. said...

Your house is looking great! I think we need a video tour so we can see the whole thing. :)

Sounds like you've had a great reflective day today. If I could slow down for a minute I might try and do the same. :)

jen* said...

Your home looks so warm and cozy. I am jealous of the piano! I love your slippers. I like the way you share yourself on this blog.