Thursday, January 8, 2009

on this thursday eve

The winter bug finally hit me. I am wrapped in a quilt with a plethora of necessities closeby (ice water, cough drops, hot cider, chapstick, Kleenex, lotion for my already raw nose, chicken broth, and an orange), regretting the fact that I'm not at my volleyball game instead. I'm taking a break from my homework to listen to the hum of the tablesaw. Winn is framing our living room windows. They are going to be handsome. With wide sills where you can set a flower or a windowlight. I will paint them when Winn is finished.

It is not fun to work when you are sick. Especially when you have to sit in a conference room for six hours straight, listening to three attorneys and seven heavy equipment specialists drone on and on while you're going through the whole box of tissues in the room, trying not to sniffle, willing away the itch in your nose so that you don't sneeze all over everyone. Three o'clock couldn't have come soon enough.

I'm looking at the Christmas decorations and thinking about how I should pack away the stockings and the tree and the ornaments, at least the ones that didn't get broken when thrown across the room by a confused little boy who was frustrated by boundaries that he wasn't used to having. I don't think I've told you yet that Alex went home not long after Christmas. He no longer hides behind our couch, flinging imaginary webs at us from his fingertips. Goodbye, Spiderman.


Ray and Renee Okerman said...

Hope you are on the mend soon.

Ang said...

Get well soon. love you

Allison said...

I'm so with you on the "ready to put the christmas decorations away but not quite feeling energetic enough to do it..." although an extra bit of motivation struck me earlier as I realized that if I don't do it soon I might not get it done before baby boy arrives and then I'd have to take full responsibility for scarring him for life with xmas decorations still up mid-late jan, which he'd obviously assume is normal without knowing it's really only the lazies that fall into that category.

sorry to hear you're under the weather, hope you feel better soon!

miranda said...

I get to start on our Christmas stuff tomorrow. I almost forgot that it still needed done. I haven't been home since Christmas Eve to see it all sitting there. I wish you luck. But I wouldn't stress to much about it, get well first :).