Friday, December 19, 2008

week in a nutshell

Monday: Went to see the group Celtic Thunder with three of my sisters. The concert was fun and my sisters even funner (or is it "more fun").

Tuesday: Spent the day in prison. For work. Always an entertaining place.

Wednesday: Spent the day in my pj's. Got lots done. Transcripts, housework, homework. Check. Check. Check.

Thursday: Got a new damp chaser installed in my Yamaha. Sticky-less keys, here we come!

Friday (today): Turning in the last class project that's due before Christmas break. Hallelujah!

A little pre-concert sustenance at Chipotle.

Excited for the show.

Freezing in the parking garage.


Katie said...

They probably here this a lot, but Peggy and Polly are growing up! Or maybe they done growed up and I missed it alltogether!

Peggy said...

it is most certainly funner.

Britt said...

It's way funner to say funner =-)

Those pictures are great .. lovely ladies, indeed!