Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Before Alex came, we got the closet doors and curtains hung in his room. It's something that we had been putting off since we've been working on so many other projects on our renovation list. Now (as you might notice) we just have to finish the baseboard trim and the window casings, and that will be one of the very few rooms that is finished!

Sometimes I think that starting from scratch might have been easier than giving this house a complete overhaul. (As in tearing it down and rebuilding, rather than just gutting it.)

But then it wouldn't be from 1928. And it might not have a charming little attic or a butler's pantry or a sturdy poured block basement or doorknobs with keyholes big enough to look through or nine-foot ceilings. Or a history about a goat farmer who used to live here.

So I guess we'll hang onto the ol' plaster and lath-filled, floor-creaking, insulation-lacking, propane-eating place. Because we love it.


Esther said...

The room looks great. Those rugs are cute, too. Where did you get them at?

me said...

Thanks, Esther! I got the rugs a while back, clearanced at either Lowe's or Home Depot.

In The Potter's Hands said...

I love your house and I'm glad you just renovated instead of starting over again. I hope to someday see it for real but for now the pictures are great!