Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ordinary evening

We had some Asian ingredients in our cupboard to use up, as well as a jar of cashews, so we made chicken cashew and rice for supper tonight. It was mighty tasty. I have papers piled on the kitchen table and sewing supplies piled on the dining room table, so we ate on the couch while watching an episode of Prison Break. Oh, how I relish ordinary evenings at home.

Now I can hear the table saw running out in the barn. Winn is working on the trusses again while I finish writing a paper for my class. It is dark and cold out there, but I have warm cookies waiting in the kitchen for a bedtime snack when he comes in.

This is the last week of the term, and I couldn't be happier about it. Purchasing management was okay, but good riddance to corporate finance. I think I will have a couple weeks off until after Thanksgiving. And then just two more quarters to go until I'm D-O-N-E!

Sajak spent the afternoon at the doggy salon. As we were walking into PetSmart, he about wet himself when the doors opened automatically for him. He jumped back and sank to the ground. (These newfangled inventions in the big city are such a novelty to our ol' farm dog.) He got a bath, a brush, a nail trim, and an ear cleaning, and they sent him home with a bandanna around his neck. He smells so nice and looks so soft. Believe me, spa days aren't the norm for him. In fact, this was a first. But it's too cold for hose-baths outside anymore, and the only tub we have right now is a clawfoot that he can't get in and out of without doing some damage to himself or the tub. And he was pretty nasty from an autumn of "bathing" in pond scum. He got a thrill out of heading straight for the water when we'd let him out the door, getting good and soggy, and then turning around and making a mad dash for one of us. Stinker. (And he wondered why he had to sleep out on the porch so often.)


Allison said...

your dog is so cute! especially that last picture.

The K's said...

Been awhile since I've had a moment to comment on your blog. Always enjoy it though... :)

Who? Oldest of six said...

The last picture looks more like a sulk to me. :P

breanna said...

my lizzie faith is in LOVE with your sajak! every time i check out your blog and she's playing near me or sitting on my lap she immediately starts talking to your sidebar picture of him!!! what an awesome dog he seems to be!!!!