Thursday, November 6, 2008

flat garrett

We got to participate in the Flat Stanley school project with our nephew Garrett who lives in Colorado. It's based on a story about a boy who gets flattened like a pancake when a bulletin board falls on him, and he gets folded into an envelope and mailed to all sorts of fun places. We had some good times toting Flat Garrett around Rochester. Here are the photos and journal we sent back to him.

Flat Garrett had a great time in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester is a town with around 100,000 people, and it is located a little over an hour from St. Paul, which is the capital city of Minnesota. Minneapolis and St. Paul form the Twin Cities, which is the sixteenth largest metropolitan area in the U.S. with 3.3 million people. The weather was in the 70s while Flat Garrett was here, which is very unusual for this time of year.

Flat Garrett came to a party with us on Halloween. But when he saw how funny we looked in our pink wigs, he decided not to dress up. :)

On Sunday Flat Garrett went to church with us. He got to try out the drum set and the djembes (hand drums), and he even sang a solo at the microphone.

On Monday Flat Garrett came downtown with Aunt Betsy to run some errands and had his picture taken in front of the Mayo Clinic, which is a large hospital in Rochester where Uncle Winn works. About 30,000 people from Rochester and the surrounding towns work at the Mayo Clinic.

Flat Garrett enjoyed hanging out on the farm with us. He spent the afternoons out in the tire swing, and he even helped feed the chickens and gather eggs. Our dog Sajak loves company, and he didn't want Flat Garrett to ever leave. Thanks for visiting, Flat Garrett!

Uncle Winn and Aunt Betsy


Abbi said...

Very cute!! You look lovely in your pink wigs.

krmccord said...

hahaha! Flat Garrett...that is so cute!

miranda said...

this is awesome! such a great idea.

The Rhoderick Family said...

How fun! My mother-in-law does Flat Stanley with her 3rd grade class each year. The kids love it.

Linda said...

You are always so willing to do things for your nieces and nephews. Love you!
Capital of Minnesota is St. Paul

me said...

That's what I meant. :) I'm so used to thinking of Minneapolis/St. Paul as one big city!