Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

me tonight

Ahhh, that's better. I was gone all day, having to report at four depositions, and the very first thing I do when I walk in the door of our home is replace my suit and nylons with sweats and slippers. This is me tonight, curled up in a quilt that was handstitched by a friend, in the most-used room of the house (aside from the kitchen), the upstairs guest bedroom, serving as a temporary office until our new garage and addition is built next spring. Tonight when we got home, we had leftovers for supper and ate on the couch while we caught up on each other's day, and then, like many evenings, we headed up here to read, do our homework, and just hang out. Now, with a cup of hot chocolate and a pile of transcripts in front of me, I'm going to settle in for a long night. But tomorrow...

{1} I will officially be done with school! (Until the winter term starts after Thanksgiving.)

{2} I don't have any jobs scheduled, so I will get to clean the kitchen and pay some bills and organize my desk.

{3} I plan on laying out some sewing projects for Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ordinary evening

We had some Asian ingredients in our cupboard to use up, as well as a jar of cashews, so we made chicken cashew and rice for supper tonight. It was mighty tasty. I have papers piled on the kitchen table and sewing supplies piled on the dining room table, so we ate on the couch while watching an episode of Prison Break. Oh, how I relish ordinary evenings at home.

Now I can hear the table saw running out in the barn. Winn is working on the trusses again while I finish writing a paper for my class. It is dark and cold out there, but I have warm cookies waiting in the kitchen for a bedtime snack when he comes in.

This is the last week of the term, and I couldn't be happier about it. Purchasing management was okay, but good riddance to corporate finance. I think I will have a couple weeks off until after Thanksgiving. And then just two more quarters to go until I'm D-O-N-E!

Sajak spent the afternoon at the doggy salon. As we were walking into PetSmart, he about wet himself when the doors opened automatically for him. He jumped back and sank to the ground. (These newfangled inventions in the big city are such a novelty to our ol' farm dog.) He got a bath, a brush, a nail trim, and an ear cleaning, and they sent him home with a bandanna around his neck. He smells so nice and looks so soft. Believe me, spa days aren't the norm for him. In fact, this was a first. But it's too cold for hose-baths outside anymore, and the only tub we have right now is a clawfoot that he can't get in and out of without doing some damage to himself or the tub. And he was pretty nasty from an autumn of "bathing" in pond scum. He got a thrill out of heading straight for the water when we'd let him out the door, getting good and soggy, and then turning around and making a mad dash for one of us. Stinker. (And he wondered why he had to sleep out on the porch so often.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

first snow

Well, it happened. It is gone now, but it will be back before we know it...

I stopped at Fleet today and got a heater for the chickens' waterer. The poor girls' drink had frozen over. Winn is still working on the trusses for the barn roof. In between working on the two new bathrooms upstairs, helping friends with projects, saving the world from thyroid cancer, and doing his homework. We're hoping to get everything finished within the next couple of weeks so that we can park the truck in there for the winter. It will be an interesting winter without an attached garage. But people used to do that in the olden days, didn't they? We had someone out here to begin the planning for the garage/addition project in the spring. It has been a challenge to design something that works with our home's 1920s flair, but we're having fun dreaming.

PS: I bought gas for $1.96/gallon today!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

flat garrett

We got to participate in the Flat Stanley school project with our nephew Garrett who lives in Colorado. It's based on a story about a boy who gets flattened like a pancake when a bulletin board falls on him, and he gets folded into an envelope and mailed to all sorts of fun places. We had some good times toting Flat Garrett around Rochester. Here are the photos and journal we sent back to him.

Flat Garrett had a great time in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester is a town with around 100,000 people, and it is located a little over an hour from St. Paul, which is the capital city of Minnesota. Minneapolis and St. Paul form the Twin Cities, which is the sixteenth largest metropolitan area in the U.S. with 3.3 million people. The weather was in the 70s while Flat Garrett was here, which is very unusual for this time of year.

Flat Garrett came to a party with us on Halloween. But when he saw how funny we looked in our pink wigs, he decided not to dress up. :)

On Sunday Flat Garrett went to church with us. He got to try out the drum set and the djembes (hand drums), and he even sang a solo at the microphone.

On Monday Flat Garrett came downtown with Aunt Betsy to run some errands and had his picture taken in front of the Mayo Clinic, which is a large hospital in Rochester where Uncle Winn works. About 30,000 people from Rochester and the surrounding towns work at the Mayo Clinic.

Flat Garrett enjoyed hanging out on the farm with us. He spent the afternoons out in the tire swing, and he even helped feed the chickens and gather eggs. Our dog Sajak loves company, and he didn't want Flat Garrett to ever leave. Thanks for visiting, Flat Garrett!

Uncle Winn and Aunt Betsy

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

proud to be an american

weekend highs and lows

* Taking the pink clown and the adorable cowboy trick-or-treating
* Going to hear our little friend Madyson sing in the Honors Children's Chorus
* Getting the plumbing for the two upstairs bathrooms finished (thank you, Uncle Paul!)
* Beating my grandpa in a game of dice (he rode along with Uncle Paul)
* Seeing my church family on Sunday and singing on the worship team (since I switched to keyboarding, it had been awhile)
* Having the vet tell us that Sajak is at a perfect weight (quite a feat for a laborador)
* 74-degree weather! In November!

* Receiving news that my mother-in-law's cancer is going through another growth spurt
* Hearing about the death of a friend
* Feeling depressed about how much my grandpa complains