Thursday, October 2, 2008

nieces and nephews are cool

My sister wanted to get some autumn photos of her kids, and with such cute subjects and a farm to traipse around on, we had no trouble getting some fun (although amature) shots of them yesterday. I didn't post our favorites because Carrie wants to use those for her Christmas card pics.

We've had a fun week. Cate and Joel always want to help make breakfast. We had pastries on Tuesday, blueberry pancakes yesterday, and eggs and bacon today. They've fed the chickens, collected eggs, and dropped a carton full of them, breaking all but two. :) Winn hung up a tire swing for them. He also enlisted their help picking up wood scraps and taking them to the burn pile, promising a wheelbarrow ride in return. They ask every day if they can ride the tractor, and every night they ask me to read a bedtime story to them. They are too cute. Today we're headed to the apple orchard, the fabric store, and the bank. Joel says he wants to pick six apples at the orchard and carry them in his shirt. :)


breanna said...

oh so sweet!!! gorgeous for sure!

Ang said...

I love the one with cate and joel together pictures do speak a thousand words. What fun.

Minkydo said...


Britt said...

Those pictures are great .. easy to take a good picture of such cute subjects :o)

Thanks for your encouragement with the house repairs .. it is very stressful and frustrating right now, but we're so excited to have so much room :o)