Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am...

* still up at 12:40am
* tired of school
* hoping the feeling comes back in the tip of my right index finger
* lovin' my dog
* feeling melancholy
* tired of election campaigns
* looking for a good salmon recipe for tomorrow night (tonight)

...but that's just me.


Dad and Con said...

How about salmon soup? I just made some today. It is your great grand mother's recipe. I use one can of Alaskan Red Sockeye salmon with whole milk in a kettle and two tbl. spoons of butter. Salt and pepper to taste. I use oyster crackers. If you like the taste of oyster stew, you will really like this! Grampa

me said...

Thanks Gramps! I will have to try your soup recipe sometime. The family we had over tonight is allergic to milk, so I ended up making pecan crusted salmon steaks. They were yummy.