Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's a quarter to nine on Sunday evening, and Winn and I are just getting around to eating "supper." That's just how Sundays are sometimes, eating a late lunch after church and then taking naps or visiting with friends or getting projects done around the house. Today we got right to work...lazin' around in the hammock out in the perfect 75-degree September air. We had our textbooks out there with us, so we weren't being total bums. We both happen to be taking our corporate finance classes at the same time, so occasionally one of us would comment to the other on market efficiency or cash flow analyses. And from time to time we'd get up to investigate Sajak's barking on the other side of the barn (he had treed a stray cat), or to shoot a nasty red squirrel (who has been taunting us for months), or to get a cold bottle of root beer from the fridge. I also made bread today, and applesauce, using up a bunch of the Galas I found on sale this week.

Yesterday I and our trusty shop broom braved the depths of the garage (which hasn't been touched since we moved here, except to stash away garbage, boxes of unnecessities, or other miscellaneous items). At first glance I felt a bit overwhelmed and depressed about cleaning it, and I went and sat on the swing with my cup of coffee to contemplate if I really wanted to tackle such a mountain of filth. Winn was up on the porch roof battling a swarm of wasps that were attempting to keep him from installing the tenth new window, so I knew I would be alone in this endeavor. Determined not to let this measly little one-stall shed get the better of me, I entered its bowels...

...and came out again six hours later, covered in dirt from head to toe, but nevertheless victorious! (I'll try and post before-and-after pics tomorrow, for your entertainment.)


breanna said...

yay! i love your photos! can't wait to see how you turned a dirty garage into a photoshoot masterpiece! ; )

Barbara said...

You have a delightful blog, Betsy! Uncle Paul has always been an avid reader but now he has me hooked too. He got a kick out of the picture of himself and accused me of supplying it to you. I assured him it all was all your doings! : )