Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mayo Children's Hospital.

When the calls and emails started coming in (after my last post) wondering who was in the hospital, I decided I better start there with my updates...

After two nights at Mayo, Jonathan is back home. On Sunday morning we noticed that he was really tired but thought it was just due to being worn out from playing with the twins who had been visiting for three days. But after putting him down for a nap that afternoon, we noticed that his breathing sounded rough and his heart rate was pretty fast. We took him to the ER where they found that he was in the early stages of pneumonia, exacerbated by his asthma (which we didn't even know that he had). So several doses of Albuterol, an intravenous stream of antibiotics, and several liters of oxygen later, he's back home and doing well.

By the end of his stay, he was a pro at wearing an oxygen mask and getting IVs (his first one fell out the second day and they had to try twice to get the second one in). He was very brave and even watched the needle go in. The
children's hospital at Mayo was wonderful, and we really appreciated all the doctors and staff, especially his primary nurse Julia. There was so much for him to do while he was there that he didn't want to leave. They're equipped with movies, video games that they'll wheel into your room, music therapists that will come by and offer to play guitar and sing, and organized activities in a room filled with toys and games. Jonathan had a grand time ordering his own breakfast over the phone on Monday morning. Winn let him call in the order by himself, and a half-hour later in came a tray heaped full of eggs, sausage, bacon, sliced oranges, grapes, fresh strawberries, cereal, milk, juice, and more. He got quite accustomed to being waited on hand and foot, and he thought that having a bed that moves up and down with the push of a button was pretty cool.

But in the car on his way home today I asked him what his favorite part about being in the hospital was, and he said "going home." And when we got home, he gave Sajak a big hug and said "you're my best dog ever." Then he ran to check the chicken coop to see if Edith, Nora, and Gibbs had been busy laying eggs while he was gone, and sure enough, there was a perfect brown egg waiting in the roost for him.


The Rhoderick Family said...

I am so happy to hear he is doing better! How scary for you all.

Esther said...

That's great that he is doing fine now. Sounds like a great hospital to have to go to.

Minkydo said...

Poor thing! I hope he is feeling better soon.