Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My sisters were here visiting from Iowa for several days. I love it when they're here. They're so fun, and we usually solve most of the world's problems during our visits. :) Plus, they bring my niece and nephews with them (except for this time Grayden and Benjamin weren't able to come because of baseball), and they're all so darn cute. And Carrie is expecting their third child early next year!

As is custom when the whole fam is home, we had a big party with the necessary ingredients: lots of snacks (this time I made hot artichoke dip on crackers, fruit pizza, and Boston iced tea; Jess made stuffed mushrooms; and Mom made jalapeno poppers), lots of games, and a few friends thrown in the mix. We also did some shopping, some sewing, and some yard work. On Monday we went to a little cafe in Mantorville and ate our sandwiches and cookies outside. I had their blueberry pomegranate smoothie for dessert, and I have just one thing to say about that...yum. Try it sometime.

From left to right: my mom, nephew Joel,
sister Jessica, niece Cate, and sister Carrie

Jessica helped me with some outside stuff that I've been needing to get done. We got some flowerbeds weeded and most of the debris and straw and whatnot scooped out of the stalls in the smaller barn. We came across lots of treasures while digging through all the straw and dirt and goat poop. It looks like someone used to have a little workshop there at one time because we found several little wooden trinket boxes, plaques, picture frames, and other projects. We also found a few milking stools, a band saw, some old checkbooks, some dishes for Jonathan's tree house, a couple of bedpans, some feeders, and lots more. Oh yeah, and one live mole that about gave me a heart attack when it jumped out of the pile of hay I was shoveling. :)


Andrea S. said...

Ooh! Lucky you! Those picture frames look so cool. Congrats to Carrie! :)

Abbi said...

How fun to get to be together. I was hoping you might all come up with your dad to Brainerd. It would have been fun to see everybody.
Your digging sounds interesting. Old places are so fun.

Cherry Messimer said...

I love this post. You have such at beautiful family!

miranda said...

I love spending time with my sisters too. I enjoyed reading this post, hopefully I will have more to write about my weekend with my younger sister Kayla. She is here now and we are having a great time.