Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yamaha reunion.

I was starting to have withdrawals after a month without my piano, so it was exciting to have it come home the other day. Our friend Case was so kind to offer to store it in his shop during our renovations to protect it from all the dust and debris. He even came to pick it up at our old place and drop it off at our new home. What a guy.

Now that our vacation is over, the projects continue around here. Tonight I'm planning on painting the pantry and repainting the stairway (to match the living room color), and Winn is continuing the process of hanging kitchen cabinets. We still need to finish the cabinet doors and have the countertops installed, and there's lots of trim work to be done, a little tiling to finish in the bathroom, backsplash tiling to do in the kitchen, new windows to be installed, a basement to clean and paint, and a bathroom and walk-in closet to start and finish upstairs. Not to mention the attic, mudroom, garage, siding, and porch...those might have to wait until next summer judging by our progress thus far, and judging by our pocketbook. Living in this construction zone, it's easy to get overwhelmed with everything, so I just have to make a conscious effort to go to bed feeling satisfied and happy and remembering how extremely blessed we are.

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Esther said...

Yea! Such a beautiful piano.