Thursday, June 19, 2008

Uncle Paul to the rescue.

Thanks to Uncle Paul, the master plumber, the gas burners on our new range are now up and running! We've had it for over a month but were waiting to have the gas line hooked up before we could use it. Thankfully it's dual fuel, so we were at least able to use the oven. It called for a little creativity (or a lot of eating out) to find things that didn't require a stove, but these German pancakes that Winn made last weekend while my aunts were here are an example of how we've adapted. They were scrumdiddlyumptious cut into quarters and smothered in butter, boysenberry syrup, and whipped cream!


Carrie said...

Those look so very delicious! I just may need the recipe.

Esther said...

Those do look yummy. I agree with Carrie about needing the recipe.

Abbi said...

Those do look good. I have enjoyed a puff pancake that I have made a few times in the oven but those look a little different.