Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Fishermen Three.

Winn has been in the Boundary Waters with friends Chris and Skylar for a few days now. I know it was a much-needed vacation for all three hard-working, generous, and overextended guys. Haven't heard from them since they made it up to Ely and probably won't hear anything until they canoe out. No news is good news. I guess the ice finally melted on the lakes around Mother's Day, so at least they'll be able to reach the water's edge to set up camp every night. I hope they're having an invigorating and relaxing time. I know they were planning on having their fill of walleye, about which I'm jealous. I was just looking at these photos and remembering our trip up there two summers ago. God sure did create some beautiful scenery for us to explore and enjoy, didn't He?

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