Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Boundary Waters Blues.

Winn and the guys left for the Boundary Waters on Friday and weren't supposed to come home until late Thursday night, so when we wives got a call on Tuesday night that they were on their way home early, it made us just a little bit nervous. You never know what might happen up in those deep, cold waters where there's lots of bears and no cell phone reception. It turns out that on Tuesday morning Dan's foot got caught in a rock during one of their portages, causing him to trip while carrying two large packs, twisting his leg around backwards in the process. (We found out later that he broke both his tibia and fibula and may require surgery.) The guys splinted his leg and carried him through an 80-rod portage, a 180-rod portage, and paddled across the water through the wind for hours to get to a vehicle. Luckily they ran into a group on the lake who had a satellite phone and were able to call a tow-boat (to come in as far as the point where they allow motorized boats) to pull them to shore. About seven hours after the accident happened, they reached their vehicle where they could take him to the ER.

Winn said that Dan was a trooper through it all and that he wouldn't have wanted this experience to happen with any other group of guys. They all worked together and did what needed to be done and made some unforgettable memories in the process. It sounds like they had a good time prior to the accident, and there were several high points, including this trout that Winn caught and they fried up for dinner with some onion soup mix and peanut oil that Chris had packed. My mouth watered when I heard about it sizzling over the campfire.


Ang said...

OH MY!! Thank God they knew what to do. And after all that I would imagine they wanted to sleep for days.

Abbi said...

What an adventure. It is to bad that happened but good that it wasn't worse.
That looks like a nice fish!