Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Things are coming along. Tomorrow is the last day to get things in order before moving out there. The drywall and mudding/taping is done (Thank you, Art!) in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and pantry downstairs, and it looks wonderful! Those walls are primed and ready for paint, and two of the bedrooms upstairs are already painted. The wood floors still need to be sanded and finished, but that might have to wait until we move in. We still have to install kitchen cabinets and sink, as well as bathroom fixtures. I *think* we're going to make it! It's hard to believe that in just five short (okay, long) weeks the place has been gutted, re-wired, re-plumbed, re-vented, and drywalled. We could not have done it without our friends and church family.

I have seen the inside of Lowe's, Home Depot, and Menard's more times in the last few weeks than anyone should have to see in their lifetime (although Winn would argue that this is not possible). I can tell you where almost any product in all three stores is located. At first it was fun, but now it's just plain annoying. Today's purchases included a faucet for the kitchen sink, 5 gallons of primer, more roller covers for paint sticks, and fence wire. Tomorrow's list has already been started, and on it you'll find more roller covers for paint sticks; paint for the living room, bathroom, and kitchen walls; trim pieces for 18 recessed lights; one dimmer switch; microwave...and I'm sure there will be more added to it by morning. Speaking of morning, it is fast approaching, so I'd better hit the sack! Poor Winn is not even home from the farm yet.

Monday, April 21, 2008

10 things I love about the Ewings.

1} They do not say "Let us know when you need some help," but rather they say "I am coming over this evening to help. Where can you use me the most?"
2} We'll come home to find that they've gone box-hunting for us and left nice sturdy apple boxes piled in our garage for packing.
3} They come over and pack up our things.
4} They are the kind of friends whom you don't mind to have packing your underwear or finding that your closets and kitchen drawers are not all that tidy.
5} They smile while they're working, and they act just as excited about our new home as we are.
6} Kevin can be trusted with any skilled task and has been indispensable in our farmhouse renovations.
7} The other day Janet hid a box of Milk Duds for me at the job site for when I get stressed out.
8} They will work tirelessly by your side with never a complaint.
9} Their son Ben, an up-and-coming photographer, documents priceless memories of all the workers and the construction.
10} They are still out there working tonight with Winn, even as I am home with a sleeping boy.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I got to take a much-appreciated break from our hectic getting-the-farmhouse-ready-to-move-into life to help my sister get ready for her college formal last night. Isn't she lovely? And even more beautiful than her appearance is her delightful disposition, her caring heart, her sensitive nature, her honesty and integrity, her creative spirit...and I could go on. I love that girl.

She wore the dress that I wore for Miss Iowa seven years ago. I got quite a deal on it when I bought it, and I've worn it for a couple other things throughout the years. My friend's daughter wore it to prom last year as well, so I'm delighted that it's gotten more than the usual one wearing!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love it.

A high of 72 degrees today! I sure hope there's more where that came from!

Wing Zingers.

My friend Ben has just launched a new website called Wing Zingers. Go to to see it, and spread the word around. It's full of political t-shirts for any voter. With the upcoming elections, it's a good way for people to have a voice. You can even participate in his "Teebates" to vote on popular political issues.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's purchases.

1} 80-gallon water heater
2} ceiling fan for living room
3} pendant lights for above kitchen sink (shown at right)
4} lunch at Wendy's for jobsite workers
5} sheet metal screws
6} dumpster
7} Sheetrock

Every day there's a new list of things that we need to get. Sometimes it's fun stuff like light fixtures, and sometimes it's just boring stuff like pipes or insulation or outlet covers. But there's always something. Yesterday it was a refrigerator, a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, and a gallon of primer.

I know my blog has been rather dormant lately. All I have to talk about is the big deadline looming over our heads to have farmhouse renovations completed (or at least liveable) before we have to be out of our current house, and I don't want to bore you too badly with the same ol' stuff. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hurray, our house sold!

...but we have to be out by April 25th.
So here is what our to-do list looks like for the next two weeks:

1} Pack up house.
2} Finish ventilation, start and finish plumbing, start and finish electrical, start and finish drywalling at farmhouse.
3} Go to Iowa this weekend to build cabinets for the kitchen.
4} Pass a foster care home inspection out at the farm once said tasks have been accomplished.
5} Do just enough homework to pass the tests and get just enough sleep to get by.
6} Try to maintain a "sane" atmostphere/schedule in the midst of all this for a six-year-old tyke.

Think we'll make it...?