Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tulips for springtime.

The piano has been a wonderful tool to help Jonathan fall asleep at night. For the last three nights, after reading a story at bedtime, he's asked me to play it while he falls asleep. Worship songs, Jim Brickman, Lorie Line, and (my favorite) Carol Tornquist arrangements. You name it, he likes it. It's a nice and relaxing time for me, too, and it forces me to get some practice time in.

This morning we had a bunch of friends over for Saturday morning coffee and pastries. We love our friends. They don't mind when our kitchen is a mess; they like our dog (and sometimes, like today, they even bring him home with them to play with their dog); they play and visit with Jonathan; they have such cute little babies that they bring along; they would tell us if our shirt was tucked into our underwear or if we had a booger hanging from our nose; and sometimes they even do our dishes before they leave! And ordinary Saturday mornings (over a cup of white chocolate mocha) are just the perfect time to catch up on their lives and enjoy their company. The Ewings brought these lovely tulips (and a bundle of asparagus) over with them to wish us a happy spring. I hope that means that spring is on its way...

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All in a Day said...

Spring is ALWAYS comes, though not as quickly as some would like it. :)