Friday, March 14, 2008

One month.

Today we have known you for one month. In such a short time we have come to adore your feisty little spirit and your big smile. You have already taught us so much with your good days and bad, with your bravery in tough times, with your innocent trust in us. The eagerness with which you begin your day, your love of music, and your thirst for stories at bedtime remind me to live more passionately. When you want me to teach you a song on the piano or put together a puzzle with you, I can't resist your request. And tonight when you reached your little arms around my neck to give me a hug, I felt so blessed to know you, if only for a while.


jessicalolene said...

I'm so sure that you guys are going to be such a positive highlight in this little boy's life. He is lucky to have you two, too.

Minkydo said...

It's been a month already?

You guys are an awesome blessing for this little guy.