Thursday, February 14, 2008


The social worker will be bringing Jonathan over after school this afternoon, so they will be getting here anytime. We're excited to meet him! I cleaned out the closet in his bedroom today to make room for his clothes, and yesterday I went over to my parents' house and borrowed some toys from my dad. He collects things for his "grandpa box," so I knew I could count on him to have just the thing for a six-year-old boy. I came home with a huge tote full of lincoln logs and another one full of tinkertoys. When he gets bored with those, I'll head back over there to trade the totes for the one full of legos and other good stuff.

Winn had a dozen roses and these chocolates waiting on my desk for me when I got up this morning. He also gave me a book when we met for lunch today at a little bistro downtown. Tonight we'll spend Valentine's dinner with our new little foster child and our houseguests who are here for surgery at Mayo. How romantic. :) We wouldn't have it any other way.

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