Friday, February 1, 2008


I love getting mail! And today was a fun mail day, with some special deliveries from friends. What creative gals with the homemade packages and cards!

The week sure flew by, didn't it? Winn took Tuesday and Wednesday off work, so that kind of felt like a weekend to me. So it doesn't seem like another weekend should be here yet. But yay, it is! I was at the hospital in Mankato for a job today, and what do you know, Uncle Paul happened to be working on a cafeteria remodel in the very same building while I was there! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see him, but I met up with Aunt Barbara and Cee and Mario afterwards at Dunn Brothers Coffee. Now Winn and I (and Sajak, who's already all excited and pacing the floor and whining because he knows that something's up and that he probably gets to come along...and he loves going places) are getting ready to head south (Burlington, IA) to Winn's bro's house for a visit. We hope to see our niece Emily's basketball game and help remodel their bathroom while there. I'll have to post my '30 days' photos when we get home on Sunday night. Have a great weekend!


The Rozsa's Blog said...

My mom is in that same hospital. did you say hi to her? :) She had a total knee done...ouch...she's doing pretty good considering knowing what I know with how they do those things!!

Andy & Jessica said...

What beautiful packages! Have a safe trip!

Abbi said...

What fun things to recieve in the mail. e-mail and internet is nice but it will never really replace fun mail like that!